Rain (Summer 2019)

Link: Coming Soon

I worked on Rain as a programmer in the SAGA Labs at the University of Texas at Austin.

Rain is an interactive musical and textual experience that explores themes of vulnerability, femininity, and violence. Structured around a composition of the same title by Annelyse Gelman, Rain immerses players in a labyrinth of trees, mist, and totems where their wanderings control the selection and position of a capella vocals from a sound library of amateur singers—layered, looped, and dynamic. Each play-through generates a completely unique arrangement of the song.


  • Picked up the project where another programmer left off, which involved implementing a lot of new features in a preexisting code base.
  • Implemented the Wwise audio engine in Unity
  • Used VRTK to implement locomotion and manage SDKs for SteamVR (HTC Vive), Oculus (Rift and Quest), Windows Mixed Reality, and a PC simulator.
  • Improved performance to port the game to the Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality headsets