How To Dress (Spring 2019) page:

Dinner Party VR is a half-semester long VR game project I worked on with a group in my VR for Games class.

It is a mobile VR game for the Google Daydream designed to teach how to dress through different prompts including casual, formal, business casual, wedding, and several others. There are a variety of different clothes and colors to choose from. After the player finishes dressing up the bear, they get scored on how well the clothes they chose match the given prompt. There is a timed and untimed mode available.

Team Members

  • Jacob Cortez – Design/Production/Audio
  • Christian MacNeill – Character Art
  • Amber Smith – Programming
  • Lili Zhao – Environment Art


  • Implemented dragging clothing and changing its color
  • Worked with the designer to implement a scoring system based on the different prompts and clothing types, including a matching color bonus and a complimentary color bonus
  • Implemented paging system for displaying different racks of clothing in a limited space
  • Implemented timed and untimed modes
  • Implemented worldspace UI interface for start menu and in-game timer, prompt, and score