Hardlight (Fall 2019)

itch.io page: https://darzzler.itch.io/hardlight

Game Description

Hardlight is the game my team and I made for the 2D Game Development Capstone class.

It is a top-down RPG/RTS set in a fantasy world on the brink of magic-technological breakthrough. The strategy elements of battle allow the player to mix-and-match heroes and their loadouts strategically in satisfying gameplay.

Team Members

  • Amber Smith – Programmer
  • Clarissa Chacón – Artist
  • Darwin Henderson – Designer, Writer
  • Huylar Lee – Programmer
  • Miguel Angel – Audio, Level Designer, Scrum Master
  • Mindy Chi – Designer, Programmer
  • Walter Bribach – Artist
  • Paul Toprac – Producer
  • Jason Harron – Assistant Producer


  • Collaborated with a group of six other people on a semester-long RPG/RTS project
  • Constructed a robust map system with quest nodes that designers could easily use in the Unity editor
  • Programmed many of the fighter’s unique abilities and tutorial system