Dinner Party VR (Spring 2019)

itch.io page: https://basilio0505.itch.io/dinnerpartyvr

Game Description

Dinner Party VR is a half-semester long VR game project I worked on with a group in my VR for Games class.

It is a room-scale VR game where you play as a dinner host and must impress your date by cooking dinner and cleaning up your house before they arrive. How much you clean and whether you were able to serve dinner determines whether you please your date or get dumped. Players can rush to complete their tasks in the timed mode or relax and prepare to impress their date as much as possible in the untimed mode.

Team Members

  • Basilio Bazan – Art
  • Opal Bunnag – Designer/Sound
  • Amber Smith – Programmer


  • Implemented cooking, cleaning, and table setting mechanics for the timed simulation game
  • Implemented worldspace UI interface for start and settings menu