My Mini Mushroom (Spring 2020) page:

Game Description

My Mini Mushroom is the game my team and I are making for the 3D Game Development Capstone class.

It is a simulation game where the player takes care of a cute little mushroom friend by playing with it and decorating its mush house. The Mush Rush minigame is a rhythm-based runner where the player has to move to the beat to avoid obstacles and collect coins and reach the end of the song before the BEATle catches it.

Team Members

  • Adam Augustine – Sound Designer, Scrum Master
  • Amber Smith – Programmer, Voice Actress
  • Hannah Wetterau – Programmer
  • Louise Hellberg – Programmer
  • Tony Nguyen – Tech Designer
  • Jimmy Liu – Artist, Animator
  • Walter Bribach – Artist
  • Peyton Breech – Tech Animator
  • Paul Toprac – Producer
  • Ivan Olin – Assistant Producer
  • Kadie Meroney – Assistant Producer


  • Collaborating with a group of seven other people on a semester-long simulation/rhythm runner project in Unity
  • Designing and implementing an interactable toy system with reusable components
  • Implementing the Wwise audio engine into the game